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Home remedies for sinusitis headache

Home remedies for sinusitis headache

List of some Home remedies for sinusitis headache.

  • Inhale steam of hot water mixed tulsi leaves from a vaporizer is good for sinusitis head ache.
  • Take good sleep for minimum 8 hours, it will really helps sinusitis people to a great extent.
  • Drink lots of hot water like tea orĀ  soup . This will helps to moisturize the mucous membrane.
  • Saline Drops will also helps to relieve sinusitis problem.
  • Nasyam an Ayurveda treatment is good.
  • Avoid foods which are fried , cold or starchy.
  • Cinnamon and water paste on forehead is an effective natural remedy.
  • Avoid Alcohol as much as possible. It will dehydrate you easily, which results in increase of sinusitisĀ  pain.

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